Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for PC (Windows & Mac)

Miniclip just cannot stop making awesome games for us! What’s it most famous for? Online multiplayer games. These games are usually based on a large and complex sport and squeezed into a simpler, mini game. Latest addition to this vast library of fun, multiplayer games is called Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer. it is available on Play Store for free. As the name suggests, this a football game. As said earlier, Miniclip is all about squeezing the large, complex game into a small and fun version. In this particular case, one of the best game modes of football has been taken. Players will play the free kicks in Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer. Each player will play as both keeper and striker. It is like a one on one situation, where both competitors take turns at each other and see who can end up with more free kick goals at the end.

As we had expected, the graphics in this game are totally insane for a mobile game. Playing this game is actually a pleasure! Moreover, there are more that just one game mode. Thankfully, there is both online and offline game mode. This way, having an internet connection is not necessary to play this game. Offline game modes are also a good practice for when we face off against human opponents online. Understanding and mastering controls is going to take some time. Therefore, it is in best interest to play against AI in offline game mode first. It would allow you to executing any move in-game seamlessly. Offline game mode in Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer is a career mode. There are tons of stages till final. Of course, level of difficulty increases as we advance to next Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for pc

In each level, you have to play as both keeper and striker. It is important to improve reflexes as keeper as well as perfecting the free kick techniques. Each player has special attributes. Therefore, collect rewards to get better players. Moreover, you can collect swag and apply those to kits, shoes etc. This will show off your level in online gaming. It is always nice to have a great kit and boots especially. To play Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for PC, you have to install an Android emulator. Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for Bluestacks is the best option since it has variety of custom controls options. Moreover, Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for PC is available to play on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. Read in detail about how to install Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer on computers and laptops below.

Download Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for PC (Windows/Mac) [Play Store Method]

  • First of all, download and install an Android Emulator on your PC. Windows users download Bluestacks 3 while Mac users install Andy.
  • Once the Android emulator is installed, be it Bluestacks or Andy, open Google Play Store in it.
  • Click on the search bar and type Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer and press Enter.
  • When the app shows up in search results, click on it.
  • In this new window, click on Install.
  • Once Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer is successfully installed, you will see the icon appearing in My Apps section.
  • Click on it using mouse. It will load in few seconds.
  • That’s it! You have successfully installed it and ready to go!

If the Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer did not show up in Google Play Store search results, then you have to install it using APK method given below.

Download Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for PC [APK Method] [Windows/Mac]

  • This method will allow you to install Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer for PC using APK only.
  • Use this method if it did not show up in search results or you just do not want to use Google Play Store.
  • The particular method for installing APK file in Bluestacks 3 is explained in the guide linked above.
  • First you need to download Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer APK from an online source. It does not matter from where you download it.
  • After downloading it open Bluestacks 3 and click on APK icon.
  • Select the APK from file explorer.
  • After clicking OK, you will see loading sign on its icon.
  • Since it is not downloading, the installation will be done in few seconds.
  • For Andy, all you need to do it double-click on APK file in which ever folder it is downloaded. Select Andy as preferred App and let it do the rest.
  • That’s it! Now you can easily use Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer on your laptops and computers anytime.

If you have query, let me know in the comments below