How to fix Poor SoundCloud Playback Quality on Android & iOS

fix poor sound quality in soundcloudOne of the most used and liked music streaming services for mobile phones has to be SoundCloud. Although some people come up with issues related to this app, it is still one of the best free music resources on the web. It contains some of the absolute masterpieces from all over the world. Even though we cannot find many original tracks on SoundCloud, it is still one of the biggest hub for best mixes. The sound playback on SoundCloud is 128kbps in MP3 format. If someone is not aware of it, it is pretty mediocre bit rate. It works decently in most cases. However, some Android and iPhone users face poor SoundCloud playback quality on phones. Even if the sound quality is working fine on computer, it might not be bearable on the phones.

The issue of bad SoundCloud playback on phones whether Android or iOS can be tracked down to several solutions. We are going to take a look at all the possible reasons and their possible solutions. it should be mentioned that the solutions are going to be different for both Android and iOS. They are both different operating systems. They way they handle apps is pretty different from each other. The possible causes can be different on both phones as well. Moreover, there are few solutions that are not possible on iPhone which can be done on Android. We will take a look at the problems and their solutions in the Android side first. Then it will be followed by the solutions for SoundCloud quality fix on iOS (iPhones / iPads).

If the SoundCloud music does not have Bass in any version

This is the most common problem. As most people would listen to their SoundCloud music using either hands-free or a Bluetooth speaker, the lack of bass can make the entire experience unpleasant. In this particular solution, we are assuming that the issue is persistent in every version of SoundCloud. It has been there for almost every release of this app from Play Store. Uninstalling and re-installing apps have not helped at all. In such a case, the issue is with the sound engine. The sound engine or the DAC of phone is responsible for producing the output to headphones. SoundCloud has its own media player as well. If any of these are not compatible, then the sound quality will not be good. The SoundCloud quality might be good on computers.

If the sound quality is good on laptops and desktops but very poor on phones, then try this solution. In such a case, the songs might not be giving out the bass that they are supposed to. In other cases, the songs might even lose treble and other frequencies as well. to fix this, we have to use third-party music equalizers. These will modulate the sound before it reaches the headphones or speakers. Here are some of the best equalizers that you can use to make the SoundCloud sound great again. It will have bass, treble and incredible sound quality.

Give a try to all of these one by one. All of these are pretty good individually. However, the final choice comes down to personal preferences. The user interface of these apps are pretty easy to manage. These music equalizers will process the sound for better bass and treble. Tweak all the given options and fins the most optimal settings for your taste. Initially there might not be a difference. Change the given settings and then check it out.

If the SoundCloud has poor bass and treble after an update from Play Store

This issue occurs when everything is working fine but a new update changes everything. The new update might not be compatible or something else might be wrong. Even uninstalling and re-installing might not fix the issue. This issue may not get fixed until a new version is released or in many upcoming releases. In any cases, there shouldn’t be anything between you and good music. The only logical solution to this issue is downgrading the app. This might sound pretty easy but most people do not know how to do it. As the only version downloadable from Play Store would be the latest version. In order to download and install on older version of SoundCloud, follow these steps.

  1. Go to App Drawer in phone and uninstall SoundCloud App.
  2. Note the date of the release that was installed on your phone from Play Store.
  3. how to install older version of SoundCloud squidstech
  4. This option is available in the Additional Information section of App page in Play Store.
  5. Now head over to this page.
  6. Check for the APK of SoundCloud with release date earlier than the one you installed.
  7. Download it and save anywhere on phone.
  8. Now head over to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it. You may enable it for one install only as well.
  9. Now using any file manager, head over to the folder where download SoundCloud was placed.
  10. Tap on it and click on Install.
  11. Once it has been installed, head over to the App Drawer and login with your account.
  12. If the issue was with the new release, then it should be fixed by now.

How to fix poor SoundCloud sound quality on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

When using iOS, there is no easy workaround to install older version of an app. So, even if the newer version has made the audio quality poor or the you feel like the bass and treble on app is not good at all, then use this solution. The customization options on iOS are pretty much limited. Something as simple as downloading and installing an older version take so much time. We will go with the easier solution here.  To improve the bass and treble of SoundCloud music on iPhone or iPad, use one of the following equalizer apps.

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