How to fix Music or Videos pausing randomly in Galaxy S7 Edge, Note 5

Samsung has made some massive improvements to the Touchwiz in past couple of releases. This used to one of the laggiest and worst to use Android interfaces out there. Since the release of Galaxy S6 and Note 5, it has been pretty solid. However in the mid tier phones, it is still not that good. Lets come to the point of main discussion here. Few days ago, we came up against a strange issue in Galaxy Note 5. Whenever music is being played in SoundCloud or some other music app, it closes or pauses randomly. There is no pattern to it and it happens whenever phone feels like doing it. This might seem like just one time thing at first but this turns out to be really an issue. In this case, when use is playing music or watching video in a Galaxy smartphone, it pauses randomly.

After further investigation, we found out that this issue is present in other phones like Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, J7 Prime, S6 Edge and some other phones. This issue is prevalent mainly in Galaxy devices with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware. Another thing to notice here is that the glitch starts happening after a while when media is being played. This will not happen instantly or short time of playback. Some people have reported that this issue also occurs when using apps like Saavn, Spotify, Music App, Video player and other music streaming apps. More importantly, this can happen on media that is stored in phone as well. Otherwise we would have thought that this issue was only with the online connection.

Most of the times, when music would stop playing, the widget in notification bar would also disappear. The widget that shows the music control is also gone. This leads to another interesting conclusion. Something is closing the app. Because when we open the app again, it behaves like it is being opened freshly. Which is obviously not the case. Therefore, some kind of service must be closing music and video apps in Galaxy devices. If someone has been paying attention to the new versions of Touchwiz and Samsung’s apps, there is a new app called Smart Manager. This is the most recent app to be added to Samsung phones. It might seem like a useless utility but it is actually pretty important.

Inside the Smart Manager there are stats about Battery, RAM and storage. It also has a built-in Anti Virus. Whether it is effective or not is another debate. It is just nice to have something like this included among all the bloatware offered by Samsung. Anyway, inside the Battery tab, there is a section called “App power Saving”. This is where you should be heading to solve this issue. Inside this tab is the list of all apps that it is optimizing. It is important to know that what is the purpose of this feature. This utility monitors all the apps whether system or user installed for battery usage. It not only does that, but is also blocks an app out if the battery usage is “abnormal”. Now we are coming to a possible conclusion.

So the reason for Random Pausing of music and video on Galaxy devices is:

The main reason behind random pausing and closing of music apps is the battery optimization. This feature comes built-in all new Samsung devices like S7, S7 Edge, Note 6, S6, S6 Edge. This might come to other devices as well in future updates. It is present in devices other than those mentioned here of course. This battery optimization feature would close any app once it has exceeded the safe battery usage limit. This is actually pretty good feature to have. If there is any app that is consuming battery in background, it is generally very hard to know and then stop it. You can read about it here. Below are the simple steps how you can fix this issue.

How to fix it?

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.
  2. Or using Smart Manager App > Battery.
  3. Then tap on Detail button under “App Power Saving” heading.
  4. Here is the list of all user installed apps divided into three categories.
  5. The categories are “Always save power” , “Auto Save Power” and “Never”.
  6. Scroll and head over to the app that is being affected.
  7. Tap on its icon and select Never option.
  8. Now just go back to using it normally!

Hopefully your issue should be fixed by now because this worked for us every time. In a case when it does not work, it might be down to some other issue. In that case you may need to perform a factory reset, check different versions of that app or even flash stock firmware.

Did it work for you or you have a question?  Let us know in the comments below