How to enter Safe Mode in Google Pixel and Pixel XL

enter safe mode in google pixelGoogle Pixel and Google Pixel XL are the first true phones by Google itself. Being the force behind Android, naturally this phone is open to lot of development. Since there are tons of applications available for Android and operating system gives a lot of permissions to apps. This is inevitable that some apps might malfunction at some point. The phone might be using more battery than usual or freezes randomly. Other examples are phone randomly rebooting and crashing. This is also possible that system apps keep crashing from time to time. All of these issues can take place because of even one app! Therefore it is important to have the safe mode option. The Safe Mode option in Pixel allows booting phone in factory settings.

By factory settings we mean that all the user installed applications will be disabled in Safe mode. Basically you will see that the app icons’ color will be changed in safe mode. It also removes some user created widgets from the home screen. The purpose of this mode is to identify whether the problem is some app or the Android system itself. It is also quite possible that the phone has started behaving after updating to a beta version like 7.1.2. Identifying such a case is not an easy task. The best way is to get rid of all the recently installed applications. However, this would take so much time. Instead, by using the safe mode users can use the phone as if user applications were not installed at all.

In Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, the safe mode access is pretty easy. There are two ways to access it. Here is the detailed explanation for both.

How to enter Safe Mode Pixel & Pixel XL (Method 1)

  1. Unlock the phone.
  2. Now keep pressing the power button for few seconds until the power off option appears.
  3. There should be only two options in the menu.
  4. Now tap and keep holding on the Power Off option.
  5. This will open a new pop-up asking if you want to enter the safe mode.
  6. Tap on Yes and the phone will enter Safe mode.

The indication to whether the phone is in Safe mode or not is that there will be small Safe mode text in bottom left corner of phone’s screen. Some user defined widgets might be removed and you have to add them again later on in the normal mode.

How to enter Safe Mode Pixel & Pixel XL (Method 2)

  1. First turn off the phone completely.
  2. Now hold the power button.
  3. When the Google logo and animation appears, hold Volume down button.
  4. Keep holding the volume down button until the phone has boot up.
  5. Once you boot up, see the Safe Mode text in the bottom left corner of screen.
  6. This means that the phone is now in Safe mode.

As mentioned in above method, this may remove some user defined widgets from the home screen. These can be added once the phone is rebooted in normal mode.

How to Check Faulty Apps in Safe Mode in Pixel and Pixel XL

  1. First identify if the problem is with an app or the operating system.
  2. To do so, try to recreate the state in which the phone was misbehaving in normal mode.
  3. If the problem is still there, then the issue is not with any app but Android installed. You might need to flash some other version or reflash it.
  4. If the phone works normally in recreated situation, then the issue is with some app.
  5. Most probably, the issue will be because of some recently installed application.
  6. In the safe mode, uninstall the most recently installed app from phone.
  7. To uninstall, head over to Settings > Applications Manager and find app from the list.
  8. Once the app is installed, reboot the phone in normal mode and recreate the situation in which the crash or problem takes place.
  9. Keep repeating this until the culprit app is identified.

How to exit Safe Mode

Assuming that your issue is now fixed, it is time to head back to normal mode. To do so, simply hold the power button for few seconds and it will reboot to normal mode. That’s it.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments below.