Solution to Fast Charging stopped working after Nougat – Note 5, S6, S7, S6 Edge, S7 Edge

fix fast charging on Samsung galaxySamsung has pushed the Android Nougat update to most of flagship devices. Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are top of the list. There is no doubt that this update is one of the best ones. The user interface has been improved to look the cleanest it has ever been. There are new built-in options like Blue Light filter which enhance the user’s personal health and protection. Despite all great efforts, there have been some issues after Nougat update. Most of these issue are recurring in Galaxy devices with Nougat update. We have already posted a fix for deep sleep issue after Nougat update. The latest problem with Nougat update is fast charging and even charging in general. Many users, on different forums have claimed that either Galaxy phone is not charging properly or fast charging has stopped working after Nougat update.

First indication of this error is that phone will take more than 2 hours and up to 5 hours for complete charge. This can happen with wall brick charger. The users of S7 Edge have reported charging issues after Nougat update the most. However, upon research, it is found that even users of Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and S7 are not safe. This can happen with random users after OTA Nougat update. It is possible two phone with same model receive the OTA update and only one of the two is affected. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that this is not due to firmware. This can either be hardware issue or incompatibility issue. A user also reported that wall brick charger is detected as cable charging. It can even show it as computer connection.

With this issue, it is possible that charging time on phone is up to 5 hours. This should be happening on wall brick charger connected to a power outlet. The charging is usually slower when connected to a PC. However, when the power is lower, it will even detect outlet charger as USB charger connected to a PC. The notification bar will also show time remaining to full charge in addition to charging source written below it. This charging source would be cable charging instead of fast charging or charging. This issue happens only after installing Nougat via OTA. The OTA means that installing update via phone’s software update application. Below are the possible solutions that can help you. Note that these have worked for many people but same solution does not work for every phone. If nothing works out, you may need to take phone to service center.

#1: Check if Fast Charging is disabled in Settings

This is quite possible that fast charging get disabled with new update. There can be several reasons for it. However, this solution is for those phones which charge on time using simple charging. The notification bar does not show Cable Charging. In this case, the only missing element is fast charging. Therefore, it is possible that fast charging option is disabled due to some protection measures. Here is how you can enable fast charging on Note 5, S7/Edge, S6 Edge.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  3. At the bottom of list, check fast charging toggle.
  4. If this is turned off, turn it on again.
  5. You cannot turn it on while phone is charging.
  6. Change this option after unplugging phone.

fix fast charging issue nougat galaxy squidstech

#2 Check your equipment to fix Charging issues in Nougat

More than we’d like it to happen, the issue is related to some faulty equipment. This can be due to a faulty USB Cable, faulty charger or even the USB port on phone. The USB port on charger is generally not affected since we rarely remove cable from it. The USB port phone on the other hand can however be ruined when used without care. Below are the possible checks that you can make to fix this issue. These solutions are for those whose phones are taking more than 5 hours to charge completely or detecting as being connected to a PC for charging. Following checks have helped lot of users. Try these out one by one.

1: Change USB Cord

It is the most common cause. We do not notice but these cords can be broken within. The connections can be broken within the wire and you will not be able to notice it. A good way to test is by connecting to PC. A bad wire will keep disconnecting from PC even on slightest movement. If your cable is doing all of this, get a new genuine cable from Samsung. It should fix the issue.

2: Change Power Brick

It has happened with one of our own. In this case, the power brick had some internals damaged. The phone charged but very slowly. The same thing happened with another charger. The issue was power outlet. Changing outlet and charger fixed the issue. Therefore, you should either try out charger of some friend’s or just get a new charger. Users have reported that phone charges normally at service center while it behaves abnormally at home. This is the reason for it.

3: Check Mini USB Connection

A bad connection can also cause phone not to charge properly. The USB cable might not be inserted properly or the port is ruined for some reason. In such a case, test this theory by using charger with another phone. If that is working, then problem is with USB port on phone. Also try pushing the mini USB into the port if it does not seem to fit. It will also fix this issue.

4: Clean USB port on phone

This can be done using material like body spray because it evaporates fast. It is preferable to use a perfume for it. Do not spray a lot. Just a little pinch of it, let it dry and then try charging again. If this was your issue, then it will return the charging time on phone back to normal. Users with Nougat update having charging issues have tried it and it worked. Therefore, if above options do not work, try this one. Also note that do not plug in charger right after spraying. Give it some time until it is fully dried up.

#3 Flash the Nougat firmware manually

If nothing else is working, then flash Nougat stock firmware using method given below. The following guide contains steps to flash stock firmware on any Galaxy phone using Odin. Use those steps only. If it works, then it works. Otherwise, it shows that your issue is not related to software. Take this phone to a service center and get charging port and related equipment checked. Flashing stock firmware using Odin does not void warranty so do not worry about that.

Flash Stock Firmware in Galaxy Device using Odin

All of the steps above are advised after a thorough research on this matter. If your issue is fixed, then leave a comment below. Even if you have something to add to it, or something else worked for you, let others know as well.

Leave a comment below if you have any query or suggestion 🙂