[SOLVED] Fix Audio services not responding after Windows 10 Update

windows audio services not responding fixAfter the Windows 10 updates, specifically the Windows 10 creators update, an issue has popped up several times. After the Windows update, Sound of PC will stop working. When troubleshooting, the users will receive following error as final statement: “Audio services not responding”. If someone does not understand what the word services mean here, then keep on reading this. The Windows has certain services for every task or operation being done. Be it web browsing, playing media, databases or even the audio playback. The Windows has audio services that allow you to play any kind of media through connected speakers. If for some unknown reason, your computer’s sound is not working, either it was Windows 10 update or not, here is how to fix it.

There are tons of possible solutions for this issue. We are going to go through all of these one by one. Each new method gets more and more technical. Therefore, it is best to start with the easier ones in hope that it fixes the issue. In this case, you do not need to waste time trying out advanced methods. More often than not, the issue is caused by something very simple. Here are the top method to fix Audio Services not working in Windows 10. Users of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 can also apply these methods. More or less, they work the same way on these machines.

Basic Troubleshooting methods first!

Even if you are sure that it has something to do with Windows drivers or something, make sure that you go through these steps first. These steps will ensure that the issues does not lie in the simpler domain. All of these methods are going to take less than 5 minutes to check. Therefore, make sure to go through these before moving on to advanced methods.

1: Check Power Management Profile / Power Plan

  1. Click on the battery icon in taskbar.
  2. Head over to “Power and Sleep settings”.
  3. In the top right, click on “Additional power settings”.
  4. Here you will see the list of power plans that are available for you to choose.
  5. User can also create their own power plan.

Lets see what we are doing here. It can happen in some cases that due to installation of some software, the power profile is changed or even a new profile is created. That profile will most likely will be automatically selected. Therefore, it is a potential cause for sound not to be working in Windows 10. To test this theory, simple select “High Performance” plan under Additional plans tab. After selecting this, restart your PC and see if anything has changed.

2: Check sound hardware

If you are on desktop PC, then the sound hardware is external. All speakers are connected via cables. All you need to do is to check these cables for damage. Also unplug and re plug these wires once before restarting your PC. If you have installed a sound card, then consider removing and re installing it once before restarting PC. It can potentially fix the sound issues in Windows 10. This method is however not applicable to laptops and notebooks.

3: Check default Audio Output device

So this happened to me once. I connected a brand new monitor to laptop and the sound stopped working. I was expecting monitor to act as speaker since it was connected via HDMI and there were two speaker grills on side. After some searching, I found out that this specific model of monitor does not have speakers only the grill. The grill is there because of the general design scheme. The worst part is that even though it does not have speakers, it still shows sound output hardware to laptop. Whenever laptop is connected via HDMI, the default speaker was changed to monitor. The monitor in this case if ASUS VS248. You can view and change the default sound device using following steps.

  1. Click on Audio icon in taskbar.
  2. There will be some text written above. Click on it.
  3. You will see the list of output audio devices connected to your PC/laptop.
  4. Choose the one that actually works and then test sound.
  5. It should be working now.

audio services not responding windows 10

NOTE: If you are not using any external speakers, then it should show only one option. It should be named something like “IDT High Definition Audio CODEC”. If there are more than one, you need to disable the one that is not working. This you can find out using trial and error method.

Check Audio Services in services.msc

It is possible that many of us have already opened or visited the services.msc tab once before. It contains all the services that are running in Windows in background. Be it DNS Server, SQL Server or even audio services. For the audio to work on your machine, certain number of audio services need to be up and running. Moreover, each service has some dependencies. If any of these services stop working for any reason, then the Audio will stop working on Windows. When troubleshooting, you will get the error message saying “Audio Services are not responding”. The error can be triggered by a Windows update as in Win 10. It may break the drivers or services. It would eventually result in no playback sound through either the laptop speakers or external speakers. Even the bluetooth speakers will not work.

Here is how to check and fix the audio Services in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. The main method is same for all of these operating systems.

  1. Press Win + R keys.
  2. It will open the Run command window.
  3. Type “services.msc” and press Enter.
  4. windows audio services not working windows 10
  5. It will open a list of Windows services.
  6. Now press “W” on keyboard and search for “Windows Audio” service.
  7. Under the status column, it should be “Running” and “Automatic” under startup type column.
  8. windows audio services not working windows 10 2
  9. Right click on it and open properties.
  10. Note that if it is not Running or automatic, change these options as shown in screenshot below.
  11. Next click on dependencies.
  12. Expand the services under “This service depends on the following system components”.
  13. Windows audio services not working windows 10 3
  14. Now go back to main menu of services.msc and search for each of these services.
  15. Each should be running and startup set to automatic.
  16. If anyone is not, then change the settings.
  17. Once it is done, restart your PC.

Now your computer’s/laptop’s sound should be working fine.

Scan your System files using System Files Checker

An update or some other software or malware could have corrupted some system files. In this case, some files vital for the system to play sound are either missing or corrupted. The sound on Windows 10 will stop working. It could be due to any kind of virus or malware. It can also be due to some sort of clash among files. In this case, you can use the Window’s utility to check system for corrupted or missing files.

  1. Press Win + X keys.
  2. Click on Command Prompt (Admin).
  3. Press Yes in next popup.
  4. Once the cmd has opened up, type “sfc/scannow” and press Enter.
  5. You may also copy and paste it in your cmd window.
  6. This utility will scan all the system files for possible corruptions or missing files.
  7. windows audio services not working sfc scan
  8. Once it is done, more than likely, your problem will be fixed if issue was related to this.

Update IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Drivers

This is a very common mistake that is ignored most of the times. The audio drivers might get corrupted or deleted due to a number of reasons. Therefore, in this case, you need to install or update drivers for your audio device. Here is how to do it.

  1. Press Win + X keys.
  2. Click on Device Manager.
  3. Expand “Audio Inputs and Outputs”.
  4. windows audio services audio not working windows
  5. Right Click on IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.
  6. Now click on Update Driver.
  7. Next select the option to look for driver in computer rather than online.
  8. In the next screen, select “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
  9. windows audio services audio not working windows 2
  10. You will see the name of drivers that are available on your PC.
  11. Select one, install it and restart your PC and try sound.
  12. windows audio services audio not working windows 3
  13. If it does not work, then try next driver in that list.
  14. Until you either run out of drivers or you find the right one, keep trying.


All of the methods listed above have worked for individuals with these kind of problems. It is most likely that your case should be fixed by trying out these methods. The error “Audio Services not responding” will be gone from troubleshooter. However, if none of these work for you, then it is possible that there is some problem with hardware. Software will not be able to fix it. If the audio is not working in Windows, above mentioned methods cover all possible solutions related to software.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.