How to Install Video Add-ons in Kodi Krypton Windows 10

Kodi is one of the fastest growing media players around the globe. The main reason for its success is that it is available across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Fire Stick, iOS and even Raspberry Pi. Kodi was formerly known as XBMC. Since it has separated from Xbox. the growth has been exponential. This is an open source platform with tons of development options for volunteer developers. Therefore, the number of open source repos has been increasing massively in past few years. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the latest Kodi Krypton on Windows 10, Moreover, learn how to install the Video Add ons in it. Since this is an open source platform, therefore interface is not very user-friendly. The installation is not straightforward. You need to follow the steps given below to install any Add on in Kodi in Windows 10.

For those who have not used Kodi before should know that this software itself does not have any media content. This is like an empty shell that will host all the users file in a centralized place. Kodi cannot only stream online media, but it can be used to stream media stored offline. It means that if the data has been added to Kodi in one of your computers/device, then any other user connected with this network can access those files. This feature makes sharing of media across multiple devices much easier for people who like to use phones, tablets and laptops at different times of the day at home. 

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The online repositories are open source pieces of add ons developed by third-party developers. Each add-on promises a certain functionality. Some offer live TV while other offer watching TV shows and movies on demand. There are multiple add ons for everything. Users can even add live sports channels and watch them on any of the devices that Kodi works on (practically every device now). Following are the steps to install Kodi on Windows 10 and every on Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7. You may follow these steps one by one if you are not familiar with such software.

How to Install Kodi Krypton on Windows 10

how to download kodi krypton windows 10 suggest pc

Installing krypton on a Windows 10 machine is a simple task which involves only a basic Windows installer. Follow these steps closely.

  1. Download the Windows installer of Kodi from official website. Download Here.
  2. Place the downloaded file anywhere on your PC.
  3. Now open the folder where it is placed and double-click on downloaded exe file.
  4. It will ask your to enable/disable several options. Let them all enables and click on Next.
  5. Once the installation has been done, select Run Kodi and click on Finish.
  6. The Kodi will run now. Now you can move on to next step.

Optional: How to run Kodi in Windowed Mode (Disable full screen)

how to run kodi krypton in windowed mode exit full screen suggest pc

By default, Kodi will be running in full screen mode. This is not suitable when you want to multitask for some thing. You will either use Kodi or do something else in this default option. To change it, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click on Settings icon in top left corner.
  2. Now click on System Settings and then open Display Settings.
  3. The first option named as “Display Mode” will be set as Full Screen #1.
  4. Use the arrow key to change it to Windowed mode and move cursor.
  5. The Kodi will not exit full screen. it can now be used in the Windowed mode.

Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi krypton first!

how to enable unknown sources in kodi kryptonite suggest pc


The unknown sources options allows Kodi users to install third-party repositories and add-ons. Therefore, it must be enabled before heading over to next step.

  1. Click on Settings icon in top left corner in main menu.
  2. Now click on “System Settings”.
  3. In the left sidebar, select Add-ons.
  4. Change the settings display mode to Expert by clicking on Basic/Standard/Advanced until you see Expert.
  5. In the right side of screen, find the option named Unknown Sources and enable it.
  6. The pop up shown now will warn you.
  7. Click on Yes/Ok and that’s it. 
  8. Now you can move on to next step.

How to install Repos (Repositories) in Kodi Krypton Windows 10

If you are not aware of what Repos are and why are they needed for Kodi, read this. The repos aka repositories are like download sites for add ons. These are made by developers. Each repo is hosted on a unique ip address or domain name. You can access the repos in web browsers using link provided by developer. In order to install the add ons in Kodi, these repos must first be linked with your installed Kodi application. Therefore, follow the steps below to install repos on Kodi Krypton in Windows 10.

how to install repos in kodi kryptonite windows 10 suggest pc

  1. In main menu, click on Settings icon in top left. 
  2. Now click on File Manager in the next screen.
  3. In the left hand column. double-click on Add Source.
  4. A pop up screen will appear.
  5. Click on <None> and enter the given web address in the given space.
  6. You can change the name of repo that will be shown in front in below given space.
  7. Click on OK and head back to previous menu.
  8. how to install repos in kodi kryptonite windows 10 suggest pc 2
  9. Now go back to main menu and click on Add Ons in left hand-side bar.
  10. In top left, click on Package Installer.
  11. Now click on “Install from zip”.
  12. Choose the repo name that you linked previously.
  13. Next screen will show all the available repos available in this location.
  14. Click on any of these to install it.
  15. The screen will show no activity for few seconds and then installation success message/ticker will appear in top right corner. 
  16. The repo has been installed. 
  17. how to install repos in kodi kryptonite windows 10 suggest pc 3
  18. Lets move on to last step for installing Add ons.

How to install Add-ons from Repos in Kodi krypton Windows 10

Once the repository or repo has been installed, installing add-on is a piece of cake. Just follow the steps below to download and install any add-on.

how to install add-ons kodi krypton windows 10 suggest pc 1

  1. Head over to main menu and select Add-ons from the left sidebar.
  2. Now click on Package Installer icon in top left.
  3. In next screen, click on “Install from repository”.
  4. how to install add-ons kodi krypton windows 10 suggest pc 2
  5. The next screen will show you the list of installed repositories aka repos.
  6. Choose the one from which you want to install an add-on.
  7. It will open up a list of available add-ons or sometimes even folders if there are more than one available per category.
  8. Click on the one that you want to install.
  9. It will show you the download progress in percentage.
  10. You can do whatever else you like while it is installed.
  11. Once installed, a notification ticker will appear in top right of screen.
  12. Now head back to main menu and click on the category of Add-on that you installed.
  13. For example if it is video, then after clicking on it, on next screen select “Video Add-ons”.
  14. This action will display the list of installed add-ons in this category. 
  15. Click on any to launch it.
  16. If you are not able to identify the category, then simple hover the mouse over Add-ons icon in main menu sidebar.
  17. It will show all install add-ons in all categories.
  18. You may find your installation here as well.

This is the entire method of how anyone can install Kodi Krypton and then install Add-ons using online repositories from developers. If you found this tutorial useful or you have any questions, then let me know in the comments below.